In the clutches of two FemDoms

Dec 14, 2023

In the clutches of two FemDoms

slave report from 2022

It’s a blessing (but also a curse) to know two gifted FemDoms who also know each other, and even if they don’t meet that often, appreciate each other … and even desire each other?! So, it’s not surprising that the idea of the slave experiencing both of them together and being dominated by them according to their rules is highly appealing to everyone involved.

The lead will be taken by Miss Juli, who has recently become an enthusiastic host at Hotel BizArt Uster. After a brief introduction day, she adeptly takes control of the existing infrastructure and raves about the multimedia possibilities with sound and images/films. Quickly, they agree that an overnight session for three should take place on a Friday from midnight to Saturday morning. The slave is required to wear a penis cage throughout the entire time, mostly gagged and blindfolded, enduring whatever the two FemDoms decide to do with him. The second FemDom will switch to a submissive role for a while, allowing herself to be tied up with the slave, teasing him with unfulfilled hopes of closer physical contact. However, her primary role remains as the Mistress’s submissive. Nothing excites her more than being touched and aroused tenderly by a woman, but only if the mutual chemistry is spot on. With a Hitachi Wand, her lust can be kept steadily at a high level and discharged at the right time.

On the other hand, the unfortunate slave is conditioned through hypnosis to never have an orgasm without the permission of his keyholder. In over 200 days, he has experienced only two ruined “discharges,” and this is not expected to change despite all sensory stimulations in the near future. To ensure absolute chastity leading up to the session, it is agreed that the slave will meet his keyholder mistress the week before the overnight session, where she will securely lock him away. A few ideas about a suitable meeting place are exchanged, but things turn out completely differently …

Instructions gradually reach the slave on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. First, he is informed where to pick up his mistress at 11:00, and later he receives an impressive list of items to bring and purchase. The first list specifies how the slave is to dress and which “toys” he must take with him. The shopping list includes everything for an extensive picnic in the great outdoors, although whether the slave will be allowed to eat is highly doubtful.

The slave transporter arrives promptly at the agreed-upon location, and initially, the slave, directed by his Mistress, is repeatedly instructed on where to turn. Deliberately chosen convoluted routes leave him uncertain of the destination. Leaving the city of Zurich and passing Kloten Airport, he suddenly makes an abrupt U-turn in the direction of a shopping centre.

Arriving on a remote floor of the car park, the slave is ordered to sit in the back seat, gagged and wearing an opaque balaclava, while his mistress supposedly goes to buy something. In reality, she meets her accomplice, and without giving anything away in conversation, she brings her to the car. She now takes charge of the journey to a nearby forest, where the slave is tied up and laid out on the ground. A tablecloth is immediately placed over him and the FemDoms’ picnic begins. Once they are satisfied, everything is packed away, and a “stinging nettle treatment” of the slave’s buttocks and nipples begins. For him, it feels as if an electric device is connected to him, and even hours later, he feels electrified everywhere. Almost more painful are the numerous mosquito bites he has to endure all over, including in the most intimate areas.

sklave im Wald
Sklave als Picknicktisch
Sinnesentzug, Brennnesselspiele und Nippelspiele



He is soon dismissed for the day, ensuring that his cage cannot be removed until Friday midnight. Instead of a plastic seal (which could be cut) or a padlock (for which the slave might have additional keys), a digital time lock is used. It would actually be around 60 hours until Friday midnight, but never mind, the time is set to 80 hours, thus ensuring that nothing is accessible during the later overnight period that could get too close to the second FemDom. She wants to be periodically tied up and dominated together with the slave. Not so much to be close to the slave, but more to be allowed to be a queer sub and to experience what it means to be at the mercy of a woman she trusts completely.




Chastity cage with time lock


As expected, the next two nights brought the slave pain in times of “morning boner” and complications in the shower. The first time, the display of remaining hours disappeared until the housing was dry again; the second time (despite waterproof packaging in a plastic bag!), it took a long time for the time to be displayed again. Does it even require bolt cutters when the time lock can no longer be opened properly?

At midnight on Thursday, the slave receives the instruction to book a table for three people on Friday evening. Thanks to the internet, he can make a reservation at the Turkish restaurant Gül even at three in the morning. Details about how the “gang of three” will get together are revealed in the course of the evening. First, the guest femdom has to be picked up privately. While she showers and gets ready, the slave is tied up and blindfolded to ensure the necessary discretion. Soon he is incredibly aroused and eager…
He is prepared to wait in the trunk during dinner while his Mistresses enjoy their meal ( or that he will even be humiliatingly tied under the table). However, no, he is allowed to eat and take part in the small talk with the understandable nervousness.

Now it’s time to get back into the slave transporter and be driven blindly toward Hotel BizArt. Active times, where the slave is taken by every trick in the book, alternate with passive times where he simply waits until someone attends to him again. He listens with great interest to see if he can hear #girlongirl sounds from anywhere and is rarely disappointed. Only after dawn breaks do they all get a short nap of just two hours. It goes without saying that the slave has to sleep stretched out and tied to all four ends of the bed. Even after this exhausting session, still unreleased, permanently locked and stuffed with a huge anal ball, he dozes restlessly, reviews the experience and is already thinking about whether he can experience the two heavenly angels (and teasers) again another time. It could take time, after all, it is something absolutely extraordinary, almost “once in a lifetime”. He is extremely grateful to them and is absolutely certain that they also had fun – not least with each other.

Sklavin und Sklave gefesselt - two slaves bound together - in Hotel Biz'Art