Are spontaneous bookings possible?

Occasionally maybe but mostly not. I don’t sit around to wait for calls if I don’t have a session planned.

It is important for me to have a clear idea of your desires and your character to be able to plan a session and I need you to reply to my questions on the contact page. 

Important to keep in mind:

  • I need at least 4 hours to prepare for a session, depending on equipment and complexity (sometimes even longer). Therefore it is more likely that massages and sessions that don’t requite much preparation time are possible to book in short notice
  • It is more likely for clients I have known for some time to book me spontaneously
  • If you want a short notice session please keep your message short, precise and make sure I have all the essential information about you


Can I get a discount?

No. My pricing is based on workload, location and it is tailored to individual needs.

Where do the sessions take place?

I use different discreet locations in Kanton ZH and City of Zürich depending on individual needs of the setting, theme, equipment and pricing.
The exact location will be shared after the booking is confirmed.

I am a beginner... is it possible to book you?

Beginners are more than welcome. I will gladly lead you into my world of BDSM play. In our pre-session consultation we will talk about your boundaries and I will present you ways of communicating with me during the session to ensure your safety.

Keep in mind:
Sexuality is a journey of exploration.

If you don’t know yourself and your kinks yet it isn’t a problem.

Any input about where you want to start is helpful.

Fantasy is not the same as reality. Some fantasies work only as fantasies others are great to turn into a scene. It is not possible to know how an idea is in reality before trying it out!

Do you take 24/7 slaves?

I generally do not do this. I am interested in such experiences but before I would go into such a connection, I want to know someone properly for over a longer time period. This is only possible with a slave that is empathic, patient, grateful and respects that I love and need alone time and peace.

Do you offer facesitting?

When I sit on your face you will be able to smell me and feel the texture of my clothes on your face whilst you are well aware that my pubic bones and genitals are pressing into your face. I am in control of you, your breath and when you may look at my face again. When I hurt you it is my pussy that is your gag! I do face-sitting in clothes. My genitals are not on offer. 

Why did I not get a reply yet?

Check your SPAM Folder.

Maybe your Mail is in my SPAM folder.

Do check with me if I haven’t replied. Sometimes I take extended time off from work to recharge and I do not reply for a while. I don’t work every day and if I have a busy schedule I often can’t reply immediately.

E-Mail is the best way to book me. I reply to SMS and occasionally I take phone calls. I do not reply to Whatsapp mostly or any messenger services!
I use messenger services mostly for outdoor/adventure sessions and we’d agree on the terms per mail beforehand.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, write me an e-mail and I will let you know if your fantasies are compatible with me.