Being an adult does not mean that we have to forget how to play. Being responsible doesn’t mean that we cannot be playful and enjoy life. When you come and see me, leave your everyday roles and seriousness behind. Playing gives us the freedom to grow beyond our roles in society.

Nourishing the inner child is essential for a healthy life! What the outside world sees of you is only the tip of the iceberg, you are much more than that!

We create our playscene and rules to ensure that we both feel safe to experiment within our boundaries!


Miss Juli - Verspielt


There are moments when we want to be played with but words seem a distraction from the depths of the other senses. Sometimes we long for leaving the noise of the every day life behind for a well deserved break.

This is an invitation to let go of the worldly distractions and open yourself completely to your five senses. Feel how my hands are touching you, hear my calm breath, feel my closeness…



Are you a masochist? Maybe you are just intrigued to experience the natural body high: the endorphine and adrenaline produced in your body. Some people call it flying.
Maybe you are a beginner and you are curious about developing your sensitivity for pain leading to new depths of pleasure and and you would like to be safely taken onto this journey of exploration.

I will gladly make you suffer. Tell me where you want to go, show me what you are into! I want to see your most authentic expressions! I will hurt you, tease you with your pain and look into your eyes. My satisfied smile might give you a sense of pride for withstanding my sweet cruelty. My smile might make you very calm in the midst of your pain!
I am present with you all the way!

Miss Juli - Latex & Gummi Schlaginstrument

Letting go

Would you like to completely surrender yourself to me to relax and put down all the burdens of stress you had been carrying around?

I will take you on a journey into my world. I am holding space for you where your whole being is welcome. You are welcome to just be as you are!


If you cannot find what you are looking for over here or on the FAQ, write me an e-mail and I will let you know if your fantasies are compatible with me.